A number of Kanda Buwana’s performances are documented on YouTube.

Malaysian student Joanna Soh has  a short television feature about A Dalang in Search of Wayang, viewable here:

For a video made by Johanna of the “open rehearsal” of “A Dalang” at the Centre for Creative Collaboration on 28 March 2011, see here:

A 12-hour telling of the Ramayana with the Southbank Gamelan Players, performed at the British Library in four episodes during May and June 2008, is represented by four excerpts. Have a look at an excerpt from The Birth of Rahwana:

See also these two excerpts from The Abduction of Sinta:

Have a look too at these two excerpts of The Fall of Alengka:

A 2017 performance of the ritual drama Barikan together with Yale University’s Central Javanese gamelan ensemble Suprabanggo at the Yale University Art Gallery was recorded in full. This production initiated the Dr. Walter Angst and Sir Henry Angest Collection of Indonesian Puppets, summoning and appeasing spirits from Indonesia who attend to heirloom objects.

The 2013 collaboration with Indonesian composer Marisa Sharon Hartanto, Dewi Gegurit, which premiered at London’s Southbank Centre in 2013 is also available on youtube. This is a new play for wayang golek cepak puppets scored for an eccentric ensemble of piano, singer, flute, percussion and doublebass, but has a neo-classical aesthetic and follows the tradition closely in many respects.

Kanda Buwana’s workshop production of  On Baile’s Strand by W.B. Yeats, which combines wayang kulit and topeng clowning, was performed at Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 2004, and can be glimpsed here:

Have a look also at the carnivalesque The Wonder of Diamond, based on the underground cartoons of Eko Nugroho, in which Matthew Cohen appears as one of the actor-puppeteers under the direction of puppeteer Catur Kuncoro.